Friday, September 29, 2006

A Simple Man

I've kept it light over the last few weeks because the news is not good and like cooper and the library man both say it is not even news. At hell one earth too. People fret over the most insignificant things while the real news passes them by.

Detainee Legislation Gives President New Powers

This sums it up.

I have a bad case of lethargy.

On the other hand it's cool and crisp here, post the storms last evening.
Nothing like a few downed trees to stir me into action.

My list.

Fill out Shayna's questionaire for my interview. I keep meaning to do that but funny thing, everytime I look at it a different song pops into view.

That's it, the list is short, I am a simple man.

Going to check on Pia's guests, she is on vacation and her guest are pretty strange.;)

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when I find the time.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Golf Obsessed

Americans Can't Finish Off Great Start

I'm golf obsessed for the week.

The scoreboard switched from American red to European blue about as quickly as sunshine gave way to rain, a tug-of-war that never let up for 11 hours and produced the tightest opening-day matches in Ryder Cup history. Little good that did the Americans.

They still couldn't seem to finish.

The Europeans hit their stride on the closing holes and grabbed a 5-3 lead Friday by getting points from all 12 players on a team they claim to be their best ever.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Tiger out our Soliders still in

Woods and Furyk make early

He is human afterall.

I've done my hiring for the week and have just signed a contract with two more clients.

From Slate. Won't Deploy? Can't Deploy.

Watching Jim Lehrer last night, an episode about the traumatic brain injury suffered to many of out soldiers due to the type of explosions used these days; this was a scary revelation to me.

Often times just the explosions. from the improvised explosion devices, cause the brain to rock back and forth inside the skull causing brain damage which at first often goes undetected; the potential is great for the soldiers who have been rocked by these blasts to somewhere along the line be found to have damage, it often goes undetected until someone all of a sudden starts acting strange, not as sharp, not as likely to follow orders, has personality changes, or starts forgetting things- including their family.

This was an update on an older series they have been covering, but I’ll tell you it hit me hard.

The estimates of the number of soldiers who have this are high and getting higher.
There is an mp3 link.

What are we doing?

head over to the new site it looks great.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Landlord again.

Check out my renter on the sidebar ladies and gentlemen.

Looks like an interesting blog and I guarantee she won't give you a headache.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I VOTE for US to win Ryder Cup

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I voted in our primary yesterday.

Maryland had some hiccups in that area. I hope this doesn't happen in November.

"Comptroller William Donald Schaefer, whose political career spans six decades, lost in his bid to retain his job."

Every dog has his day and Donald’s day has long past.

My wife and I hate a late afternoon "date" to vote. I knew that one of my blogger friends was working the poll where I vote and so we went a little early so we could meet her before she left. She was a sign holder, pamphlet passer and she was doing a fine job. Who wouldn't stop and grab a pamplet from her anyway?

Great and strange meeting someone from the internet; she was exactly what I would have expected and we all took off for Rachael's - a local coffee shop tavern.

My wife fell in love with her; they looked at pictures of our son, and talked about the local women’s group "Women in Black", women attorneys, and vegetables and the. I chimed in about marketing a campaign and we talked for a short time about the Republican Congressional Rep for the district and the changes of the Democratic rep defeating him in November.

There is a sixth degree of separation I am convinced. It turns out my wife knows someone Cooper knows quite well.

Other news.

The Ravens won a big one Sunday.

Redskins lose again.

The Ryder Cup. One area where the presence of the Tiger has never seemd to help us.

has had some very good guest writers.

Shayna is adding to her family so go congratulate her on a job well done.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

This is Great - Ohio State the best.

Texas two-stomped

This is great.

And if there was any doubt before, there isn't anymore - Ohio State is the No. 1 team in the country.

Friday, September 08, 2006

This is my song - for the asking.

Have yet to move to wordpress for real but I’ll be posting all posts on both blogs for now.

I won’t have time to do much of anything related to this blog over the next month.

I am starting up my own business while finishing some prior commitments at my former place of employment. I’m fortunate enough to have two permanent clients already and four new one time clients, but I have to work my ass off around the clock.

I’m also interviewing candidates for the esteemed position of “assistant”.

A few things before I spend my weekend buried in work- and a round of golf.

I filled up my gas tank yesterday and it was a relief to see it is
cheaper than it has been in a long time.

May this trend continue!

Is it no surprise that most of what the industry does is
deliberately misleading? Especially Disney.

And from the
New York Daily News another quote which irritated my wife.

Couric, who accessorized her black jacket and skirt with three strings of pearls, also continued to tout the show's new user-friendly interactive features, including its ongoing quest to solicit viewers to choose her signoff.

Did they ever comment on Dan Rather’s accessories?

I'd liked
this commentary and am willing to give Couric a chance.

Pia is winding down with some good stuff before to leaving us in the hands of some mystery guest bloggers as she goes off to write her book, and Cooper suggests flogging Fay Weldon for her orgasmic advice even as she ( along with the library man ) continues to promote awareness of the non relenting tragedy in Darfur.

I found another good blog while reading my bloggers buddies links.
The Fat Lady Sings.

jacob out

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Tuesday already.

Tiger does it again. No elaboration needed.

Damn, it's pouring rain again.

I was fortunate to get in a couple of rounds yesterday.

Labor Day was a perfect day for golf.

All things must end.

Trying to catch up on my favorite blog reads.

Be sure to check out
Shayna's Music Highway Project,on the sidebar. Her guest this week is the lovely Emily of "Bloggers with Boobies" Fame.

There's a lot of news on Darfur and
Cooper and Jason are keeping up with it at Darfur, an unforgivable hell on earth.

Can't wait for Katie to sugarcoat the news and deliever it in a way that will make it fun and discernible.

News shouldn't really be "news" anyway. Can't enjoy it that way.

Kudo's to Keith.

I won't be moved over to wordpress for a little while longer.

Don't forget to check out my renter.

My kind of blogger.