Wednesday, December 27, 2006

As the New Year Approaches.

I'm taking the week off from posting in the blog, but I am reading them.
We had a great Christmas and hope everyone else did as well.

This is s busy time of year and we still have a couple of parties to attend. The post Christmas / pre New Year rounds continue.

It's amazing how many people do not work this time of year.

I have two new clients coming in to town tomorrow and will, if all things go well, be even busier after the New Year.

RIP, James Brown and President Ford.

Stay away from eggnog; it gives you gas.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Happy Holidays

I want to wish you the best of the Holiday.

Don't eat too much.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Lunch leanings.

Looks like people went to see Gibson's movie; It was the top grossing flim at the box office this weekend.

I am looking forward to the Eastwood film coming out next week.

A brief on Tiger.
When he mentions starting a family all I can think of is whther or not his kids will play golf and how good they might be.
This was not one of those nice to knows, from the Washington Post

"Maryland is one of the lowest-ranked states in the country in terms of preparedness for health emergencies such as bioterrorism or pandemic flu, but Virginia is among the 14 best-prepared states, according to a report issued by a health advocacy group yesterday."

Monday, December 11, 2006

Common life.

A Christmas Light show, putting up the tree and one of those parties I mentioned in an earlier post, was my weekend.

I'd be remiss if I didn't post this:

Scotland's World Cup dreams end in play-off

I lead a dull life.

Friday, December 08, 2006

now....Jailing Journalist , next....Brutalizing Bloggers

Increasing number of web journalists jailed
A third of all journalists currently imprisoned around the world publish their work on the internet, according to a new report by a watchdog group which reveals that China continues to jail more reporters than any other nation. The group says the growing number of jailed web journalists shows that repressive regimes are acting to suppress the radical opportunities presented by internet.

The US is listed in joint 7th place, with three journalists currently detained. One of those, Sami al-Haj, an al-Jazeera cameraman has been held at Guantanamo Bay for more than five years. Another, Bilal Hussein, is a photographer with the Associated Press who has been held for eight months without charge.

Makes me glad I'm just a lowly blogger who posts links to others.

Makes me mad too.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Day after midweek.

I usually read the golf news daily.
No one can blame me for getting stuck on the following article for more than a few minutes.

Sophie Sandolo continues to turn golf fans' heads with 2007 calendar.

Never would have come across it had I not been reading about golf, so I don't feel in the least bit guilty.


Meanwhile, I'm trying to keep up with the postings of my blogger friends.

Pia has her blogging down to a couple times a week, or so she says but I don't think she will stick to it.

Cooper is frustrating me with her post at Blog Critics, I was never good at talking about economics and I wish she would act her age and post about ipods, or at least something most people her age would be posting about. I'd have a chance of keeping up that way.

Just joking cooper.

Shayna, is having a quiet time and I hope all is well with her and maybe we'll see her around more in a few months.

This is what we call a day after mid week post.

The Tribune reveiw of "Apocalypto".

Neither Gibson's fans nor his detractors are likely to accuse him of excessive subtlety, and the effectiveness of "Apocalypto" is inseparable from its crudity. But the blunt characterizations and the emphatic emotional cues are also evidence of the director's skill. Perhaps because he is aiming for an audience wary of subtitles, Gibson rarely uses dialogue as a means of exposition, and he proves himself to be an able, if not always terribly original, visual storyteller. He is not afraid of clich├ęs - the slow-motion, head-on sprint toward the camera; the leap from the waterfall into the river below - but he executes them with a showman's maniacal relish.

And it is, all in all, a pretty good show. There is a tendency, at least among journalists, to take Gibson as either a monster or a genius, a false choice that he frequently seems intent on encouraging. Is he a madman or a visionary? Should he be shunned or embraced? Censured or forgiven? These are the wrong questions, but their persistence reveals the truth about this shrewd and bloody-minded filmmaker. He is an entertainer. He will be publicized and he will be paid.

I'll pass.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Clever spammers stay 'one step ahead' of law

This article tells us to give up, spam is here to stay.

A good article by the editor of a site called BBS news.
Dennis Prager Inspires Muslim Haters to Expose Themselves

Right Wing America Becoming Even More Dangerously Unglued

America's Health Rankings.

Looks like New England has the monopoly.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

It begins again.

Went out early and choose our Christmas tree; we go to a tree farm where we get a tree, and plant a tree, drink free cider and pick up a couple of wreaths to decorate.
The tree will sit on our deck for a week and we'll put it up next week.

This weekend starts the rounds of various social events, some worthwhile some a pain in a ass, to which we are invited every year. From now until the holiday we will be attending dinners, open houses, and what one invitation describes as "a mysterious night of fellowship to celebrate the time of year with our friends of all or no faiths". It was something like that I can't remember the exact terminology.

The first of these many events occurred last night, making me wish I was once again young, carefree and could take off to Barbados for the rest of the month.

Good weekend to all.