Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Hot Tuesday

I know nothing about Utah but the bill introduced to give voting rights to the District of Columbia is long past due. I hope this does not end up tangled in the judicial system.

Woods and Jordon paired up at the Wachovia Championship in Charlotte.

There is a lot of discussion in the blogs I read about blogging burn-out, or need for new direction. I don't have that problem because I never had a direction and don't post enough to burn out.

I hope all the blogs I read routinely keep on blogging or I might have to give it up.

I am noticing a decrease in the quality of blogs in general. New blogs keep popping up every day. It seems the only reason they show up is to ask for links or to make money.

Someone needs to make these bloggers aware that first they have to have a good blog, something worth reading, second if you just started a blog please do not make lists of what people who blog should or should not do.

Find a few good reads or become a good read but do not email me and ask for links because I am not interested and if you are asking me for a link you are pretty desperate.