Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Can't trust em

It scares me that we really can't trust the people who make our bridges and possibly our homes and office buildings.

Nor can we trust the people who drive our ships.

We already know we can't trust our government.

What's next?

Monday, July 24, 2006

Vacation plans.

I have this nifty little program that holds blog and email address so when I want to go to them I can just click and paste.

I have made a few mistakes and put other people blogs or email address in when I am not paying attention.

I think I put cooper's address in one and shayna's address on one today so far.

So girls forgive me I am babysitting while working at home.

We are heading to the beach in North Carolina next the second week of August.

This is a " with kid" vacation.

Quiet place, reading time and golf along with some ocean activities.

I hope the weather holds out with no hurricanes.

I'm not sure about internet access; it is probably nil unless we hit a cafe.

We are bringing along two teenagers as paid babysitters for the times when we want a little piece and quiet. They will be responsible for four children ages two and a half thru four.

I'm hoping this isn't too much for them.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Tiger does not come up short today

Three of a kind
Tiger comes up clutch to win third British, 11th major

One month after missing the cut for the first time in a major, Woods was ruthless as ever on the brown-baked links of Royal Liverpool, making three straight birdies to turn away a spirited challenge by Chris DiMarco and win golf's oldest championship for the second straight year.

I wish they would not ask those incredibly stupid questions afterwards.

Listening to his interview on the Golf Channel, and having to hear the incessant questions about his father and what he is going to do tonight is frustrating.

He won, he ain't going away for some time, he will break all records if he chooses

Tiger admitted to planning a celebration with his drink of choice but when asked if they could ask what his drink of choice was he said "no", then changed it to " yes you can ask you just did". He declined to answer what that drink of choice was but said he will have more than a few.I believe the exact quote was " as many as I want".

Going to play a round of golf.

Later folks.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Birthday Wishes.

It occured to me that I should have wished Pia Savage a Happy Birthday on my blog.

I just got a ping from Cooper's blog and my memory was tipped.

The news is so overwhelming that I have taken a few days off from any kind of posting while I let it all sink in.

That and something seems to be wrong with blogger some of the time.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

So many things.

So many things going in and just when I decided to update this thing a killer storm looms out of the west.

I'll be back.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A manly man screamed because of this????????????????

Free Image Hosting at

Looking at it this way is a little embarrassing.

I recovered quickly.

Blood Saves

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A Manly man I am and keep your Jesus off My Penis.

I will post a picture of the snake we got out of our shed later.

We have a shed where we keep the lawn equipment; it’s a cool manly shed where the lawn tool and lawn mower are kept.

When I need to feel manly I head out to the shed and grab me a lawn mower, a hoe, or a rake and get to work.

Embarrassingly enough yesterday while in the shed, doing things that manly men do, I came upon a large black snake.

The scream that erupted from my manly mouth was heard halfway around the world.

Don't tell anyone.

Not to be irreverent but I saw this on BIO this morning and it cacked me up.

Forgive me.

I don't get out much.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

It's a bird, it's a's a missile

China and Russia - expletive times ten.

UN weighs sanctions on North Korea

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - Japan, backed by the United States and Britain, called on Wednesday for a U.N. Security Council resolution imposing sanctions on North Korea for its series of missile launches.

But Russia and China, after an emergency council meeting, made clear they would oppose any sanctions. Both nations, who have veto power, favor a weaker council statement.

Saying Russia had "serious concerns" about North Korea's actions, Ambassador Vitali Churkin said he opposed sanctions and favored a diplomatic solution.

Leiberman go home.

Monday, July 03, 2006

First Aid for Firework Nights ?????????

My tired old butt is going to watch fireworks from my house.

The neighbors will set them off at 9:30.

There is a lot of land here but I can't help but feel the need to tether my son to my side and carry the garden hose with me; that is if I dare get within fifty yards of these people.

You will understand my concern when I tell you that the people setting off these fireworks are husband and wife team, a sculptor and a cartoon artist respectively and I'm certain they haven't taken classes in firework production.

These are the “not legal in your state" kind of fireworks.

These are "The Big Ones".

Now I'm frightening myself.

Have a good one.

While I go google "first aid for fireworks".

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Happy July 1st

Have a great weekend.

I hope it's extended.

Happy Weekend

Happy July 1st - 2006.

Have a great weekend.